• One of the most important aspects of translation and subtitling is localization. Localization is the process of tailoring domestic content to suit its familiarity and relevance to a specific foreign audience. In order to successfully do this, one must have a good understanding of the audience’s language, customs, culture, beliefs, etc. USA Studios uses native translators who are experts in this regard. They pay attention to important localization details that makes your subtitling projects completely understandable to your audience.
    After reviewing your file, we will assign your project to the best-qualified subtitle translator with the relevant subject matter and language expertise needed to translate your content. The translator will create a time-coded transcript, which will serve as a master document/reference that can be used for translations to other languages of your choice should you need them. Once the transcript is ready, the translator will then localize your content to fit any regional/local dialects used by your specific audience.
    USA Studios can localize subtitles, captions, and any on-screen text or graphics that comes with your content. Rest assured that our subtitle translators will properly tailor your audio/video to meet your audience’s needs. Our service is cost-effective and time-efficient, as our team of experts possess the technical resources, knowledge, experience and appropriate skill set needed to do the job right the first time. For more information about localization click here.

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