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  • USA Studios is fully committed to the quality and accuracy of all translations we do for our clients. While translation software is great for speed, it lacks the ability to understand the context and nuances of certain words and languages. That’s where our expert translators come in – they are able to successfully proofread and perfect the output that is initially produced by our advanced software.

  • We are fully capable of meeting even the tightest deadlines. Rush service is available depending on your content’s size, language, topic and industry.


The total price of each project varies depending on your specific requirements. Our translation services for audio/video are quoted on a per minute basis. For documents, our translations are quoted based on the total word count, specific industry and other factors related to your content.

To get the most accurate price for your project, please contact us for a quote.

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Our process is quick and easy. Simply upload your content or provide us with a link.

Our professional team will work efficiently to convert your original content into its translated version and get it securely back to you without any issues.


Whether you’re a large corporation, small business, educational institution or other entity, we serve all industries and have the resources to fulfill your translation needs. Our translators are carefully assigned to each project based on their industry knowledge and expertise.

Common industries we work with include:

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    • USA Studios is proud to offer the most high-quality service for an affordable rate that companies of all sizes can afford. We have worked on every type of project so we’re experts at providing the most cost effective rates