• What is a TV standard?

    TV standard refers to the type of broadcast television system used by a particular country - more specifically, the encoding or formatting standard used to transmit television signals. The TV analog video standards used in the past are NTSC, PAL, and SECAM, all of which use one specific frame size and frame rate. However, in the age of Digital television (DTV), four main digital broadcasting systems are now used: ATSC, DVB, ISDB and DTMB. These are of concern only to TV stations, networks, and cable or satellite TV systems. All of these carry one or more streams of program content in a standard frame size and frame rate (the TV Standard). As a program producer, you must deliver your program master in the correct frame size and frame rate specified by the broadcaster, network or distributor. Additionally, you will be asked for a specific file type, codec and wrapper, among other technical specifications.

  • What is TV standards conversion and what is a video standards converter?

    The TV standards conversion process converts a video that was made to play on one particular TV standard to make it compatible with another TV standard. This is done by feeding the video through a video standards converter, which is the machine or device that actually does the conversion to the new frame size and frame rate. USA Studios uses the Alchemist XF and Alchemist HD Ph.C., the most advanced video converters in the business.

  • Why do I need standards conversion?

    The U.S. uses two TV standards for HD broadcasting, 1080i and 720P. If you are producing a national television spot campaign that must play on stations in both systems, then you need standards conversion.

  • Which TV Standards are used around the world?

    Please see our Guide for World Television Standards Digital Broadcasting or contact us for deliverable specifications according to each broadcast or streaming destination around the world.

    ATSC – Advanced Television Systems Committee

    DVB – Digital Video Broadcasting

    ISDB – Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting

    DTMB – Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast

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