• What is video file transcoding?

    Video transcoding, also known as video conversion or video encoding, is the process of converting a video from one file format type to another. This is necessary in order to make the video compatible with various devices or platforms for viewing.

  • When/Why is transcoding necessary?

    Video transcoding is most commonly used in the following circumstances:

    * Original format compression type or file format not supported by target device/platform

    * Original format size too large or small for the target device/platform

    * Original format type either obsolete or of subpar quality for target device/platform

    * Too much data for the target device/platform

  • What is Up conversion?

    Up conversion is the process of converting a lower resolution signal to a higher resolution (i.e. from SD to HD or HD to UHD), thereby increasing the number of pixels and enabling better viewing on higher-resolution screens.

  • What is Down conversion?

    Down conversion is the process of converting an HD-size picture to an SD-size picture using the same frame rate for presentation on lower-resolution TV screens or the Internet. (Also applies to UHD-to-HD conversion).

  • What is Cross conversion?

    Cross conversion converts between video signals having similar resolution. For example, converting between the two U.S. HD television standards, 1080/59.94i and 720/59.94P is a cross conversion where the frame size and scan type are changed.

  • What is digitizing?

    Digitizing video tape content is the process of converting pictures and/or sound into a digital form that can be processed/accessed via computer. This service is provided for content owners with professional videotape content that need to be transcoded to a file format.

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